We are two women who believe that the period of being pregnant, creating life, becoming a mum and bonding with our babies is one of the biggest and most significant times in a woman’s life. Emotional wellbeing is crucial and we believe creativity and support is the key.

Workshops are gently guided by local dramatherapist mum of two, Lisa, and her amazingly creative and intuitive colleague Josephine! You can read more about us in our biogs below.

Why do we do it?

For Lisa, becoming a mum was both joyful and terrifying, exhausting and life-affirming. Although grateful for the support she had, it felt like the antenatal groups on offer were lacking an essential emotional focus, especially if you consider that 85% of new mothers report having baby blues and 1 in 5 develop post-natal depression.  There also seemed to be a huge gulf between free NHS antenatal sessions and the much pricier NCT or equivalent.

Anyone EveryMum offers a creative space where you can express and explore your feelings honestly and without judgement, where you can ease into being a mum through pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond – including subsequent children.  All are welcome no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in – even the no man’s land of the first trimester when you feel you can’t tell anyone – this is the place to share in confidence.

What can you expect from an EveryMum group?

Affordable drop-in sessions in Norbury/Streatham where you can explore your experience of becoming a mum through discussion and creative activities.

Share your highs and lows – the worries and milestones, the challenges and victories.

Make lasting friendships with local mums and families who understand what you’re going through.

Help shape the groups and make them what you want and need them to be.

Feel emotionally prepared for labour, birth and connecting with your baby.

Access other local resources such as pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing and baby massage, including discounts and offers.

Contact us for more information or to register for a groups.

Lisa Harmer

I’m not a fan of labels but here goes – I am a woman, wife, mother, creative being and an HCPC registered dramatherapist. More importantly, what do I believe in? I believe that to live well we need healthy minds as well as bodies. I believe that creativity allows us the freedom to explore and reflect so that we can identify and remove obstacles and feel a whole lot lighter and healthier. I am also a great believeIMG_4762 05.jpgr in community, in supporting one another and sharing – the good and the bad.

I started my career as a set builder in theatre but it wasn’t until I started working on community projects at the Young Vic Theatre that I became truly aware of the healing power of drama and creativity. I knew this was my true calling and shifted my focus to facilitating drama workshops, meeting some incredibly inspiring people and organisations along the way. The most influential by far was Peckham Shed (an offshoot from Chicken Shed) and the wonderful people there who nurtured the inclusive ethos in me. It was this and my experience of becoming a mother that grew entwined, blooming into Anyone EveryMum.

Josephine Tremelling


IMG_0711-2In mid 2017 I had an ectopic pregnancy, and as a result a lot has changed in my life and in the way I interact with my work, myself, and the world at large. My experience forced me to ask the “who am I, and why do I do what I do” question again, when I was sure I knew the answer before.

I was extremely afraid to look at myself again, and I thought that then sharing whatever answers came through with another human being would make me vulnerable and leave me open, I feared, to judgement and scrutiny. Finding a way to express myself creatively again was the first step to forgiving myself and beginning to recover. Along the journey, my life and my understanding of “who I am” was changing, which was a surprise, but I was able to discover, analyse and accept these changes via creative means.

Creative exploration helps me by affording me privacy in a public space, a distortion point; while also giving me a connection to my journey, my body, and the ability to play with all the possibilities in my life in a safe way. I can express my anger, grief and joy, and find the root of my problems, without having to disrupt my relationships and in a way that liberates me and my potential. I can also practice saying yes to help, so when it arrives, I am ready to accept it wholly.

Connecting with people has always been important to me. Improving communication in spaces and situations where adversity, conflict, access and ability are at odds.

I have worked as a Drama facillitator with all kinds of people, adults and children. I have run Pubs and worked in restaurants. I have been a theatre techncian and production manager. I will always be an artist.

Learning to give care to yourself can be one of the best lessons in life we learn and creative work is one of the ways this is possible as it is so nourishing, a person must be nourished to thrive.