Congratulations! How are you feeling?

At Anyone EveryMum we believe that getting our creative on and finding our tribe are what make us the most happy and chilled we can be. Bringing teeny tinies into our worlds can be one of the best and hardest things we will ever do. That’s why we invite you to take some ‘me time’ in a supportive, non-judgemental space where you can ride the rocky road to motherhood and meet some awesome people along the way.

What’s happening now?

Lisa is enjoying her wee ones (Elsie, 3 and Albie, 1) while planning the imminent launch of her blog that will offer anecdotes aplenty about her ongoing attempts to be a halfway decent mum while empowering other parents and parents-to-be along the way.

Josephine is off on tour with the awesome Theatre Re among many other fantastically creative things (she’s a busy woman!)

We plan to re-join forces again soon with a not-to-be-missed course for parents-to-be – explore your own experience of being parented and look forward to what you want for your children.

– honest, open and judgment-free
– a place for support, exploration and healing
– optimise your emotional wellbeing
– explore your changing sense of identity, individually and as a family
– break the negative cycles that get passed down through the generations
– empower the parent in you

There’s oodles of research documenting the positive effects of being creative including reduced stress and anxiety; increased spontaneity, expression, positive identity, self worth and social networks. It helps us to reflect, empathise and problem solve – all things we want for ourselves, and our children.

Thinking you want to tap into the awesome parent vibe? Here’s what other course graduates had to say…

“I was very unprepared! I thought it would be more of a get together and chat over coffee. Instead, we had all these creative exercises to do. Had I known beforehand, I might have thought it wasn’t for me but in fact, I had a brilliant time and thought the exercises were excellent.”

“(I have gained a…) greater level of confidence to approach my birth with. I also feel more relaxed and in control as a result of exploring my feelings, sharing the experiences of others and implementing the mindfulness and meditation strategies I learnt and practiced.”

“A supportive and nurturing space to explore your feelings and experiences in, through a creative and playful context. It was a hidden gem that shaped my pregnancy journey and early life as a new parent in a hugely positive way.”

Past Projects

The Anyone EveryMum Connect Project in Norbury, SW London (our hood)

During this six month project we ran two creative courses for pregnant women involving much tea and cake (of course) that gave space for all the stuff that comes up after that little cross turns blue. With a huge focus on relaxation and mindfulness we left our mamas-to-be feeling floaty light as they headed towards motherdom feeling flexible, confident and calm, equipped with handy strategies for what lay ahead.

Thanks to the wonderful women who took part. Well done you for taking time for yourself, for making space to develop your confidence, to nurture, to explore your creativity and empower yourself with its healing awesomeness. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs of pregnancy and impending parenthood – the waiting, the excitement, the boredom, the managing of expectations (yours and…. well everyone else’s!). Thank you for asking the questions and having the courage to answer them. What if I find it hard to bond with my baby? What if my relationship with my partner breaks down? Where do I go and who do I talk to if I can’t cope? Who am I? Who will I be? What do I want for my child? How do I make it happen?

Thanks for being open and honest and looking after our little tribe, each of us a beautiful, powerful, wise and courageous woman.

“Hear us roar!”

Thank you for trusting in yourselves, for seeking the tools with which to navigate this journey within, and for recognising and asking without apology for the things we need.

“We can overcome anything with love and support”

The Connect project was funded for 6 months so we could run these workshops for free giving us the chance to research creativity and wellbeing with pregnant women and parents. Those of you who took part in these workshops have helped us to sculpt our sessions so that they can be the most useful, supportive and outright awesome spaces they can be. So a final big fat thank you again for helping us make Anyone EveryMum what it is today.

“Just breathe and let go”

“You are not alone”

Lot’s of love

Josephine & Lisa xx