Congratulations! How are you feeling?

At Anyone EveryMum we believe that getting our creative on and finding our tribe are what make us the most happy and chilled we can be. Bringing teeny tinies into our worlds can be one of the best and hardest things we will ever do. That’s why we invite you to take some ‘me time’ in a supportive, non-judgemental space where you can ride the rocky road to that is parenthood and meet some awesome people along the way.

This was time well spent! Friendly, almost family feel, creative, relaxed…and a cup of hot tea to top it off!”

What’s happening now?

Lisa is enjoying her wee ones (Elsie, 3 and Albie, 1) while planning the imminent launch of her blog that will offer anecdotes aplenty about her ongoing attempts to be a halfway decent mum while empowering other parents and parents-to-be along the way.

Josephine is off on tour with the awesome Theatre Re among many other fantastically creative things (she’s a busy woman!)

We plan to re-join forces again soon with a not-to-be-missed courses for parents to connect with their playful selves and find your creative confidence!

“It’s nice to be reminded to just be silly and have fun.”

There’s oodles of research documenting the positive effects of being creative including reduced stress and anxiety; increased spontaneity, expression, positive identity, self worth and social networks. It helps us to reflect, empathise and problem solve – all things we want for ourselves, and our children.

Past Projects

Anyone EveryMum Story Makers

Imagination and play are the key to healthy relationships and child development.

We offer you the skills to be a fearless and spontaneous storyteller anywhere, any time using everyday objects or nothing at all.

Nurture the playfulness in your family.

Why story?

– Story creatively instil virtues, morals and cultural awareness within families.
– It improves your child’s language, listening and communication skills.
– It develops creative thinkers who are open to new ideas.
– And it gives you space to play!!

Why do you need to play?

– Playing keeps you flexible, relieves stress and stimulates the mind.
– It improves relationships and your connection to others.
– Play builds resilience through risk taking and challenge, problem solving, and dealing with new situations.

Anyone EveryMum are expert improvisers who host safe, positive and creative spaces for all.