Anyone Everyone believes in diversity, union and above all inclusivity – our services are FREE for everyone, ensuring access to those who may not have ready access to the arts and therapeutic resources.

Anyone Everyone is an inclusive organisation with a mission to improve the emotional wellbeing of individuals and communities through creative workshops and positive meeting places. Our sessions are informed by our participants’ input and needs and we work closely with other organisations who can provide support and care if participants should need or want other services or specialist care.

Best of all.. it’s free, open to anyone, fun and judgement free


We are committed to being inclusive and accessible, making sure that everyone has a say in how we are run.  That’s why all our groups are facilitated with our participants’ needs, creativity and aspirations at its core, supporting each and every person to gain self-confidence and helping them towards a physically, emotionally and socially healthy existence.

Anyone Everyone was born in 2014 with inclusive theatre groups for all aged seven and above. In 2016 we began a new venture to expand our age range to those not even born yet!  Anyone EveryMum provides a necessary space for pregnant women and mums to explore the emotional and social transition to motherhood and beyond.


Josephine Tremelling – Artistic Director

13921075_1767196663492017_3389903279548499213_nTo be alive is to be challenged, live in flux and change. Working with drama enhances my experience and helps me accept and develop myself and my strategies for living. It’s communal aspect gives me confidence and perspective and the opportunity to be passive or active whilst exploring my role and empathising with the roles which surround and support mine.

I also work as a life model and cabaret artist. These practices inform my interests in body image and psychology.

Lisa Harmer – Artistic Director  Me wedding2 (2)

There is so much negativity and judgement in the world but I believe we can change that by creating safe, supportive communities where anyone can feel welcome and nurtured.

Working creatively allows me to take risks and open up to the possibility of growth and change. Sharing this experience amplifies it and helps me integrate it into my life and help others to do the same.

I am a woman, wife, mother, creative being and an HCPC registered dramatherapist.